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Political Contributions

Valmont’s directors, officers, and employees are encouraged to take an active interest in political and government activities and to support principles, issues, parties, or candidates of their own choice. However, such activities must remain separate and distinct from employment with Valmont. 

Valmont does not make any contributions or use of company funds, property or services in support of any political candidate for elective office or any political party or party official in the United States (either at the state or federal level) or in any other country.

Valmont also does not make any contributions from corporate funds to organizations classified under the Internal Revenue Code as section 527 entities or to any Super PACs, ballot initiatives, electioneering communications, or for independent political expenditures. Valmont does not maintain a political action committee (PAC).


From time to time we engage in public policy discussions with federal, state and local governments. When we determine it is in the best interest of our company, we work with governments to provide information and perspective that support our point of view through our lobbyists. All United States federal lobbying costs, and the issues to which they relate, are publicly available here. In 2022, Valmont spent $15,000 in state lobbying expenses. 

Participation in trade associations

We participate in and pay annual dues to trade and industry associations that give us insight and knowledge into the issues and trends affecting our operations. Participation as a member of these associations does not mean we always agree with all of the positions of the organizations, or those of other members.