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Valmont’s inherent commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our Corporate Tag Line, Conserving Resources. Improving Life®. We embrace social responsibility in our products, the way we conduct our business, and in our relations with customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and communities.


Our center pivot irrigation products for large scale agriculture have literally transformed the face of the earth. More than any other technology currently available Valmont’s irrigation products reduce the enormous use of fresh water by agriculture. We believe that irrigation equipment is the leader among products and technologies that have a strong impact on conserving fresh water.

Our support structures for lighting and traffic benefit lives by providing safer traffic control and public illumination. They are compatible with newer LED technologies, which consume less electricity and support ‘dark sky’ initiatives.

Our support structures for Utility lines facilitate the transmission of electricity from the power plant to the home or business. Utility structures are an essential element of modern infrastructure that enables economic growth and development.

Since the majority of our pole products are manufactured from steel, they benefit the environment due their ability to be recycled. Further benefits arise when steel poles replace treated wood structures. Treated wood structures draw upon limited natural timber resources and the chemical treatment applied can create environmental risk.

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Embodied in our vision statement is our commitment to hiring employees that share our corporate values of passion and integrity.

We seek to be the employer of choice in our communities by offering the most competitive working environment and benefits.

Valmont is an equal opportunity employer.

We encourage the growth and development of our workforce. Qualified employees can apply for tuition reimbursement for higher education classes. In our Valley, Nebraska location, employees can take degree track classes on site offered by a local university.

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A core principle is our company wide commitment to providing a safe work environment and enforcing safe work practices. To that end our corporate safety director oversees the administration of site safety training and practices. Safety incidents, while infrequent, are reported and discussed by senior management on a weekly basis. Each site has local safety coordinators who with each employee’s cooperation monitor and survey for the elimination of hazards. While this has resulted in safety records below industry averages, we are not satisfied, because ultimately only an injury free environment is acceptable.

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Besides the enormous beneficial impact our products have on the environment, we insist that our manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment. We conform to environmental regulations and audit our sites to ensure they are in compliance. Our corporate director of environment and safety, along with his staff schedule and perform site audits for compliance. Additionally, in our Mergers and Acquisitions process, an environmental audit and full compliance with environmental regulations are a requirement in the due diligence process.

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As users of energy in the form of electricity and natural gas in our manufacturing process, we recognize that conservation benefits Valmont in two ways. One, by reducing our costs, and two, by reducing our impact on the environment. To that end Valmont monitors its energy consumption patterns and looks for opportunities to conserve. From shutting off lights in unused rooms to turning down thermostats at night, Valmont believes that less is more when it comes to the use of energy.

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Our managers undergo regular web-based training on ethics and compliance with corporate policies. For further information, please read our Code of Business Conduct.

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Please see our Corporate Governance Principles.

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