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Valmont is a global leader in designing and manufacturing engineered products that support global infrastructure development and agricultural productivity. Our products for infrastructure serve highway, transportation, wireless communication, electric transmission, and industrial construction and energy markets. Our irrigation equipment and services for large-scale agriculture improves farm productivity while conserving fresh water resources. In addition, Valmont provides coatings services that protect against corrosion and improve the service lives of steel and other metal products. Valmont is a global company with more than 80 operations in 22 countries, across 6 continents, with approximately 10,300 associates worldwide.

Wherever there is growth, there is Valmont.

Why Invest Image
Why Invest Image

Why Invest

Valmont has a proven history of delivering sustainable total shareholder return growth to investors. Since 1946, our core values have been the foundation of our growth, and the reason we are able to maintain our position at or near the top of every industry we serve. Today, we are recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in engineered products and services for infrastructure, and water conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture.

We grow our businesses by leveraging our existing products, markets and processes. We recognize that our growth will only create shareholder value if, at the same time, we exceed our cost of capital. Essential to our success is a company-wide commitment to customer service and innovation, and the ability to be the best cost producer for all products and services we provide. Recognizing that our employees are the cornerstone of our accomplishments, we pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver results.

Valmont Business Model

Strong, Global, and Enduring Drivers

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Total Value Impact Focus

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Niche Markets

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Leverage Products, Markets, and Capabilities

Growth Discipline

Value Creation

Competitive Strengths

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Operational Focus

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Culture & Talent

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Global Mindset/Footprint

12.1% Total Compounded Annualized Return Over the Past 15 Years

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Long-Term Financial Targets Focused on Growth

  • Revenue Growth 5% - 10%
  • Earnings Per Share Growth > 10%
  • Return on Invested Capital > 10%
  • Free Cash Flow Conversion > 1.0x Net Earnings
  • Operating Margin > 12%