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Why Invest

Valmont has a proven history of delivering sustainable total shareholder return growth to investors because everything we do is focused on benefiting our customers and the world around us. We owe our ongoing success to company-wide commitment toward continuous improvement through superior processes and innovation through technology.

Today, we are recognized throughout the world as a leader in diversified industries impacting millions around the globe:

  • We connect the world with 5G technology, beautify urban spaces in energy-efficient ways, make roads safer and help traffic move smoothly.
  • We ensure reliable delivery of power to the globe by transferring it from the source to the end user and by making grids more resilient and resistant to catastrophic events.
  • We engineer durable irrigation machines and connected crop management technology to maximize crop yields and optimize water and energy efficiency.
  • We provide coatings services that protect against corrosion and improve the life of steel and other metal products.

Valmont Business Model

Our Differentiated Business Model Has Driven Strong Results

~12% Total Compounded Annualized Return Over the Past 15 Years

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Our 3-5 Year Financial Targets

  • Revenue Growth1 7 - 12%
    1 Estimated compound annualized growth rates from base year 2020
  • Operating Margin > 12%
  • Earnings Per Share Growth > 13 – 15%
  • Return on Invested Capital > 11%
  • Free Cash Flow Conversion > 1.0x